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“If I see an ad starting to take off on Meta, I want more life out of that ad. That's when I use Recharm to build many variations.”

4 Ways To Extend Winning Ads

Winning Ad, Different Hook

Add Hooks To Winning Ads

Combine a captivating hook with a winning ad, instantly grabbing attention and setting up the winning ad for a longer life. And you can test new hooks too!

For Hook testing purposes, It would probably take five times longer [without Recharm]. [For variations], I can't even quantify how much longer that would take without Recharm.

Jacob BiggerSenior Performance Marketer
Product screenshot
Product screenshot

Winning Ad, Different Starting Visual

Visual Hook

Swap the first few seconds of the visual content of a winning ad while preserving the original audio. Create a new visual 'hook' or entry point, giving the winning ad a fresh perspective and creating engaging variations.

If we asked every videographer to add ten more hooks, all of a sudden you have 9:16 and 4:5 of 10 different videos [...it would get] really overwhelming.

Emily AronsSenior Performance Marketer

Experiment to Increase Hold Rate

Visual Shuffle

Replace some parts of the winning ad with two fresh b-roll clips. Swap the first few seconds and keep the original audio. Deliver a new visual rhythm to extend the life of a winning ad.

Being able to put a piece of content from three years ago next to a piece of content that was produced last week, and just repurposing all of that to get even more content without having to involve anyone else or without having to go through our typical approval cycle makes everything so much faster.

Emily AronsSenior Performance Marketer
Product screenshot
Product screenshot

Audio Overlay

Reuse the Voiceover of Winning Ads

Extract the voiceover-audio from winning ads and overlay new clips of various scene types — hooks, problem-solution scenarios, b-roll, etc. Extend winning ads by refreshing their visual experiences while keeping the same storyline.

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