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Lume Made 100s of Ads With Recharm

Lume's media buyers used Recharm to extend winning ads with new hooks

More Winners
Lower CPC
Increase in Accounts Reached

"If I see an ad starting to take off on Meta, I want more life out of that ad. That's when I use Recharm to build many variations."

    • Since iOS 14.5, our strategy was to diversify creative. Recharm helps us put together all of these different concepts and helps us fulfill that mandate of diversifying creative. 

      Jae Noh
      Senior Growth Marketer, MAGIC SPOON
    • Recharm creates more longevity out of our ads by changing up the beginning or the flow or adding b-roll pieces and voiceovers.

      Jacob Bigger
      Senior Performance Marketer, Lume
    • It took us like 5 hours to build a batch of creatives. With Recharm, it could be literally one click, one single click, like not even a minute because you click on it and you got variations. We now spend only an hour, not 5, because we go the extra mile.

      Max Gensler
      Creative Director, Boomn

Remix Videos to Make These👇 Types of Creatives

The Fastest Way to Repurpose Content for TikTok & Instagram

Create stronger recall with a single narrative through-line.


Eating --> Pouring --> Box Shot --> Dance

This creative was made by remixing these videos:

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