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How It Works

  1. Upload videosUpload directly into Recharm, or connect your Google Drive. We'll take it from there.
  2. Recharm cuts, labels, and organizesOur team (using our AI) cuts and categorizes all of your content so you can focus on pure creative work.
  3. You make winning adsWith organized videos, your team can create better content much faster and, more importantly, see results!
Recharm library in action

How Recharm helps in scaling video creative production


Maximize reuse of video footage

Effortlessly find hidden gems with a speedy interface and get maximum ROI on your video collection.

Being able to put a piece of content from three years ago next to a piece of content that was produced last week, and just repurposing all of that to get even more content without having to involve anyone else or without having to go through our typical approval cycle makes everything so much faster.

Emily AronsSenior Performance Marketer
Product screenshot
Product screenshot


Onboard new video editors in an instant

Avoid the usual delay in sharing, understanding and sorting through content. No files to transfer, no knowledge to share. Teammates start working on briefs in seconds.

After every shoot, it is very easy for our new editors to identify what clips to throw into any of their sequence. We don't have to manually look through our folders and files on Google Drive. It makes onboarding of editors very easy.

Jordan Perez-HughesCreative Strategist


Write briefs in minutes

Quickly find clips, share links and eliminate the hassle of noting timestamps or file names. Reduce unncessary back and forth.

For Hook testing purposes, It would probably take five times longer [without Recharm]. [For variations], I can't even quantify how much longer that would take without Recharm.

Jacob BiggerSenior Performance Marketer
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