3 Reasons For Making Hook Iterations

hook iteration

So, yeah, you want to know why bother making hook iterations.

It’s a legit question that’s quickly answered but not easily understood. Because context matters, and every growth team’s situation is unique. So, no one but you can only tell you should use hook iterations. However, you can benefit from some common reasons why performance marketers use hook iterations.

Think of hook iterations like a skilled chef refining a recipe, tweaking ingredients and proportions until the dish is a culinary masterpiece, resonating with the palates of the diners.

1. Don’t Abandon New Ad Concepts Quickly

We spend time painstakingly researching, writing a brief, hiring agencies and creators, and fine-tuning concepts. And when they bomb upon launch, we get disheartened and abandon them quickly. Well, now you have a strategy to perfect those new concepts. Don’t give up too easily.

Hook iterations are like finding the keys to a treasure chest that are your creative concepts. It will take time, it will require trials and iterations, but you will unlock that treasure.

2. Extend Winning Ads

Isn’t it nice to find an ad that wants to consume all your ad dollars? Congrats -- you have a winning ad. Well, those winning ads are rare, but when you get those moments, you should make the most of it. How -- By making hook iterations of winning ads.

We've been able to revive old winners that were winners twelve months ago, 16 months ago. We've used Recharm to bring those back to life because a good ad is a good one, and sometimes, it just needs a new lens. Recharm allows us to give an existing winner a new lens.

3. Backup Creatives

Hook iterations are relatively faster to make (provided you have the right tools like Recharm). So, when nothing is working in your ad account, you can quickly whip up hook iterations to try new things out. Sometimes, creatives team take longer, agenceis don’t deliver or you are just facing a creative block. Hook iterations is a reliable backup plan.

Harness hasty hooks with the help of handy Recharm; a haven when hindered.

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