The 5 Behaviors of a Successful Ad Creative Team

Why You Should Focus on Your Ad Creative Team: Do you want a team that consistently drives engagement, conversion, and revenue? The heartbeat of any direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce company lies in the hands of the ad creative team. Today, let's dive into the 5 behaviors you must inspire to have a highly successful ad creative team.

1. Collaborative

The journey to impactful ad creatives begins with collaboration. Imagine a brainstorming session where every team member contributes their unique perspective. That synergy sparks creativity and ensures that each ad campaign is diverse. Working together means talking and sharing ideas. The right tools to improve your ad creative team’s collaboration are vital. In the exciting world of making ads, using tools helps the team work well and create great ads! Here are some essential collaborative tools that can elevate your team's efficiency:

  • Project Management Platforms:

    Tools like Trello, Asana, ClickUp, and are great for collaboration. They help create transparent communication while tracking the progress of each project. Some of these platforms may seem familiar to you. However, this serves as a reminder that your team should utilize whiteboards and Kanban boards effectively.
  • Inspiration and Creative Workflow Platforms

    Collaborative tools designed to streamline the creative process for ad creative teams. To build a creative workflow, you will want creative assets, insights, and competitive analysis in one place. This will help your team find inspiration, ideate, and refine concepts.

    One of our favorites for this work is Foreplay provides access to a vast, curated ad inspiration library. It enables teams to discover over 2 million winning ad ideas. All while leveraging AI search and filtering tools to find the most relevant ads. This resource helps your team stay on top of trends, find competitors, and access top ad creatives.

    Another great tool is Motion. Motion analyzes creative performance and turns insights into visual reports. The app allows your team to easily share learnings to direct the creative process. It groups ads by common attributes for actionable insights. Plus, the reports are digestible! It's a great way to facilitate sharing and streamline creative production.

Look into updating your creative process and fostering collaboration with these tools. It may be the key to leveling up your ad creative team! Gif of Bill Nye from Netflix’s ‘Bill Nye Saves the World’ talking about collective collaboration - ‘If we work together, good things are going to happen

2. Multifaceted

Picture this: a team where individual strengths complement each other seamlessly. Sounds great, right? That’s why it is crucial to be deliberate in building a team like this. But it is easier said than done. You have to consider these factors when hiring.

For example, you may be looking for an addition to the ad creative team. Finding a candidate with video editing experience could be valuable. They would understand how a video should be built and how it should be distributed. That means they can better give creative feedback to a freelance editor. Or, if a candidate has sales experience, they have better skills to upgrade clients.

In addition, hiring decisions like this break down concerns of siloed departments. When your ad creative team has multifaceted expertise, there is a higher level of empathy across departments. It can also mean getting rid of analysis paralysis. Having a clear decision-maker on an ad creative team is priceless. Use overlapping expertise to transform your team's good campaigns into exceptional ones. From copy to design, analytics to research – a diverse ad creative team results in better ads.

3. Organized

An organized team member enhances productivity and adapts quickly. However, there are a couple of ways you can help!

  • Project Planning:

    With help from the tools section of this blog, create clear objectives, deadlines, and task prioritization. Try setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals for each project. Get clearly defined deadlines on a shared calendar with your ad creative team. Then, communicate the project’s vision clearly and frequently. This will allow your team members to understand the what and the why. The added context will inspire motivation and commitment from your ad creative team.

    Also, consider how you are allocating resources for your team. Organizational tools can triple your team's productivity. Let's dive into one you'll love below!

  • Video Content Organization:

    Content organization is the least appreciated and understood way to help an ad creative team. But focusing on this makes a HUGE difference as it makes day-to-day work more efficient.

    We know video is crucial in creative ad strategy. And with the demand for content, more videos are being produced than ever. Efficient video organization allows your editing team to find the perfect clips. And although Google Drive is a valid option, it can get messy as it's meant for storage. Organization though? Not so much.

    But if your team could easily auto-organize assets, it could unlock a mine of potential. That's what we try to help with here at Recharm!

    Recharm significantly speeds up the creative process. We cut videos into scenes, label them, and make them searchable. This organization and easy-to-use UI make it extremely easy to find videos and cuts. Plus, your editing team can save substantial time in building batches of creatives! Our goal is to get your team organized and productive. All while taking processes for your ad creative team that took hours and reducing them to just minutes.

    Recharm helps teams speed up the creative process and A/B test for better ads. If video organization is something your team could use help with, consider signing up for our trial.

4. Diverse

Remote work has become the norm, for better or worse. So, we need to leverage it to get the most healthy output from our teams. A successful ad creative team thrives in the virtual space.

We have seen study after study released since the remote boom in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it is safe to say when looking at the data that remote employees work longer and harder. And with remote work comes diversity.

Building a diverse team is imperative to having a successful ad creative team. And it’s even more important to leverage internal and external team members.

Recruiting internal members brings an in-depth understanding of the brand and its values. In comparison, recruiting external contributors injects fresh perspectives and industry insights. This hybrid allows for wisdom and new eyes. There is a balance between continuity and innovation. And if you find the right one, it creates campaigns that captivate while staying true to your brand.

5. Globally Aware

Let's take #4's “Remote Work” and turn it up a notch...

Picture a scenario where creativity transcends borders. A successful ad creative team does that by embracing diverse skills AND locations. The easiest way to implement this behavior is to look for ad creative team members worldwide. By finding talent globally, the team can consist of the best of the best - no matter where they are from.

Having team members from various countries can bring new and different ideas to the team. People from different cultures and backgrounds see things differently. This can help the team develop new ways to solve problems and create ads. This makes the ads more appealing to a wider audience. With a globally aware team, ads will include views and ideas from different parts of the world.

On top of that, hiring team members from places with a lower cost of living can help save money. This is because the salaries needed to support living in these areas can be lower. This can result in a higher quality ad creative team that is budget-friendly for your company.

By building an ad creative team from all over the world, you can use resources wisely. And do it all while incorporating a wide range of ideas and perspectives.


Highly successful ad creative teams need 5 key behaviors to thrive. They must be collaborative, multifaceted, organized, diverse, and globally aware. Inspiring these behaviors within your team can change the game for your brand. Now, leveraging these insights, it's time to empower your team.

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