Build Your Library

Step 1: Upload Videos

Recharm will find reusable cuts in your videos, label those videos and give you a well-organized system to choose your clips.

Find shots faster.
Raw videos are cut and organized into various scene types like "hook", "unboxing", "testimonial", "product demo", "call to action", etc. This makes it easy to find the right shots.
Organize footage with labels.
Videos get organized with labels like "actor not speaking". These labels make it easier to find shots where the actor only acts and does not speak.
Get insights into raw footage.
Discover which footage you are missing and make smarter investments.
  1. Upload Raw VideosRecharm is the home for your raw footage.
  2. Resize into 9:16, 4:5 & 1:1Each video undergoes resizing, which can be done either by the Recharm team or by you using our tools.
  3. Cut Videos Into ScenesEach video is spliced into multiple scenes. The Recharm team handles this for white-glove customers.
  4. Label CutsOrganize your footage to your needs for maximum reuse.
  5. Ready for RemixingIt takes only 2-3 minutes to process every video.

Start Storyboarding

Step 2: Add Scenes from the Library

Select scenes from your video library to begin making creatives in Recharm. Choose engaging hooks, testimonials, or winning full-length ads.

visual hook

Combine Scenes into a Creative

Step 3: Storyboard Concepts

Apply strategies to extend winning ads, make iterations of existing concepts, or make entirely new concepts. The possibilities are endless.

Extend Winning Ads

Execute simple strategies that leading media buyers use to get more out of winning ads.

visual hook

Build Mashups

Piece together testimonials to demonstrate social proof in a few minutes.

visual hook

Create New Hooks

Repurpose existing visuals with new audio to create new hooks.

visual hook

Make Videos Ad-Ready

Step 4: Polish

Touch up your videos to make them look snappy, tweak the copy to hone in on the message, or add voiceovers.

Add TikTok-style Text

Adding a TikTok-style text caption is so easy.

visual hook

Add a Voiceover

Recharm ingests your voiceovers and transcribes them for use via our magic-alignment featgure.

visual hook

Remove Silence

Auto remove long pauses in your testimonials.

visual hook

Make Faster Cuts

Lightweight editing to touch up your creatives

visual hook

Download Finished Creatives

Step 5: Export Multiple Aspect Ratios

Recharm automatically converts all creatives to 9:16, 4:5 and 1:1 aspect ratios. You can also download an Adobe Premiere project for further touch-ups.

Export in multiple aspect ratios

Start Making High Performing Videos

If you have a ton of content, and you are looking to make videos quickly, then you are the perfect candidate for early access.

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